Prior to beginning upper-division, Professional Phase coursework in Human Development and Family Studies, students must first complete the Pre-Professional phase and apply for the HDFS Professional Phase. Successful completion of Pre-Professional Phase coursework is a strong indicator of success in the Human Development and Family Studies major.

Students must earn a GPA of 2.5 or higher in the requirements outlined below, and a 3.0 average GPA on HDFS specific courses (HDFS 14027, HDFS 24011 and HDFS 24012). The purpose of this requirement is to ensure that majors have the adequate preparation necessary to successfully complete upper-division HDFS courses, including a senior-level practicum which provides students with valuable professional training in the field of human/social services.

Pre-major course requirements:

Course Abbreviation Course Number Course Name
ENG 11011 College Writing I (3)
ENG 21011 College Writing II (3)
HDFS 14027 Introduction to HDFS (2)
HDFS 24011 Interpersonal Relationships & Families (3)
HDFS 24012 Child Development (3)
PSYCH 11762 General Psychology (3)
SOC 12050 Introduction to Sociology (3)