Graduate Course Requirements

Human Development and Family Studies Master's of Arts:

Core Course Requirements
EPSY 65523 Lifespan Development 3
EVAL 65510 Statistics I for Education Services 3
EVAL 65511 Research in Educational Services 3
HDFS 64023 Family Theories and Processes 3
HDFS 64024 Family Life Education 3
HDFS 61199 Thesis I 6
HDFS 61198 Master's Project 6

*Student's are required to complete a thesis or Master's project. The thesis project is designed for students interested in research and provides them an opportunity to conduct original research. Approval of a thesis proposal by the student's thesis committee is required, as is the successful completion of an oral final examination conducted by the student's thesis committee.

The master's project is designed for students who do not plan to continue graduate work after the master's degree and provides the opportunity to approach research and theory in a more applied manner. The presentation and interpretation of original research is not required. However, approval of the intended project by the student’s master’s project committee is required, as is the successful completion of an oral final examination conducted by the master’s project committee.

Students will work their advisor to select 11 hours from the following courses to design their degree to fit their career goals:

ARCH 55640 Developing Environments for Older Adults 3
BSCI 54020 Biology of Aging 3
GERO 54030 Adult Development and Aging 3
GERO/HDFS 54092 Practicum 3-6
GERO 61191 Interdisciplinary Seminar in Gerontology 3
HDFS 54020 Adolescent Development 3
HDFS 54023 Building Family Strengths 3
HDFS 54028 Parent Child Relationships 3
HDFS 54029 Family Policy 3
HDFS 54037 Positive Youth Development 3
HDFS 54038 Professional Child and Youth Work Practice 3
HDFS 54039 Bereavement, Trauma and Other Losses 3
HDFS 64027 Early Adolescence 3
PHIL 50005 Health Care Ethics 3
PSYC 60610 Psychology of Adulthood and Aging 3
SOC 52010 Death and Dying 3
SOC 62877 Social Gerontology 3

Other courses can be taken with advisor approval.

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