Human Development & Family Science Minor

Students who minor in Human Development and Family Science gain an understanding of the psychological, sociological, and developmental theories of individual and family development.

Students will learn about the influences of family, school, work and community on human development. This offers students the opportunity to focus on their major, while gaining an understanding of individual and family development, which will help them while working with individuals and family in various settings.

This minor requires 18 credit hours, many of which can be completed online (Effective Fall 2016).

Required Course:
HDFS 24011 Interpersonal Relationships and Families (3)
Development Courses: Choose TWO courses from the following list: (6 credits)
GERO 14029 Introduction to Gerontology (3)
GERO 40656 Psychology of Aging (3)
HDFS 24012 Child Development (3)
HDFS 24013 Early Adolescence (3)
HDFS 44020 Adolescent Development (3)*
Minor Electives: Choose THREE courses from the following electives (9 credits):
HDFS 34031 Cultural Diversity (3)
HDFS 44021 Family Intervention Across the Lifespan (3)*
HDFS 44022 Changing Roles of Men and Women (3)
HDFS 44023 Building Family Strengths (3)*
HDFS 44028 Parent-Child Relationships (3)*
HDFS 44029 Family Policy (3)*
HDFS 44035 Assessment and Strategies in Case Management (3)*
HDFS 44036 General Case Management Methods (3)*
HDFS 44039 Bereavement, Trauma, and Other Losses (3)*
HDFS  44032 Nonprofit Fundraising and Grantwriting (3)
HDFS 44033 Community Outreach in Nonprofit Management (3)
HDFS 44034 Principles and Practices of Nonprofit Management (3)

*Special approval is needed to register for these courses. The requirement of the Professional Phase is waived for HDFS Minors. To register for these courses, please email Dr. Cichy ( to request permission to enroll. In your email, be sure to include your name, Banner ID number, and course information (i.e., course name, number, section, and CRN).

Please contact Dr. Kelly Cichy at for more information on the minor in Human Development and Family Studies.