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Master's Degree

The general Masters Degree in Instructional Technology is especially appropriate for teachers who wish to develop greater sophistication with technologies and want to use them effectively in their classrooms. It is also an appropriate degree for those who wish to develop skills in fields like corporate training, multimedia production, Web development, administration of technology centers, and other positions that involve the instructional application of information and communications technologies. This is an entirely online degree program, and there is no need to appear in person at the Kent State University campus.

Admissions requirements include a completed admission form, a goal statement, undergraduate transcripts (preferably with an undergraduate GPA of at least 3.0), and two letters of recommendation. No standardized test results need be submitted. Applications are available online and other forms associated with admissions can be obtained here.

This 34 hour program includes a "core" of required courses (19 credits), as well as the opportunity to choose five elective courses (15 credits). Instead of taking 5 elective courses, students can select 3 courses and write a Thesis (for 6 credits), which involves forming a committee of two faculty to oversee the project. Students also have the option of taking up to 4 credits of workshops (ITEC 50093) that can be used as elective credit. The culminating experience of this program is the development of an online portfolio.

Click to download an official Program of Study, which, after admission, must be completed and signed by an assigned adviser from the program, then submitted to the Office of Graduate Student Services before your third semester of taking coursework (or your course registration will be blocked). This form will be checked against your course transcript before you can be cleared for graduation. Early in the final semester of your coursework, you must apply for graduation by submitting this form to the Graduate Office of Education, White Hall 418, Kent State University, Kent, OH 44242. For details about how and when to apply for graduation go to Graduation Application.

Unfortunately, because of anti-terrorism laws established by the U.S. Homeland Security office, the Instructional Technology Masters Degree is NOT offered to international students. These rules insist on international students taking 5 credits per semester of traditional face-to-face instruction as a way of supervising their activities. All of the courses for the ITEC degree are delivered online, so it is impossible for students to obtain sufficient face-to-face instruction to meet these requirements.

Master's Degree in Instructional Technology (34 hrs)

Core Requirements (19 hrs.)
EPSY 65524  Learning Theories 3 hrs.
ITEC 67403  Instructional Design or ITEC 67442 Designing Online Courses 3 hrs.
ITEC 57411  Designing Visuals for Instruction 3 hrs.
ITEC 57430  Computer Applications in Education 3 hrs.
ITEC 67420  Researching Current Issues in Instructional Technology 3 hrs.
ITEC 67438 Instructional Applications of the Internet 3 hrs.
ITEC 67439  Portfolio Review 1 hr.
Elective Coursework  (choose 5 courses) (15 hrs.)
ITEC 57400  Selection and Utilization of Educational Media 3 hrs.
ITEC 57402  Organization and Administration of Educational Media Programs and Centers 3 hrs.
ITEC 57413  Digital Video in Education 3 hrs.
ITEC 57427  Technology and Learning 3 hrs.
ITEC 67410  Simulation Games in Education 3 hrs.
ITEC 67417  Advanced Instructional Design 3 hrs.
ITEC 67425  Managing Technological Change 3 hrs.
ITEC 67426  Networking Basics for Educators 3 hrs.
ITEC 67432  Designing Multimedia Instruction 3 hrs.
ITEC 67435  Virtual Reality 3 hrs.
ITEC 67436  Distance Education 3 hrs.
ITEC 67437  Web Development for Educators 3 hrs.
ITEC 67442  Designing Online Courses 3 hrs.
ITEC 67444  Teaching Online Courses 3 hrs.
ITEC 67449  Research in Online Learning and Teaching 3 hrs.
ITEC 67496  Individual Investigation-Ed Media 1-5 hrs.
ITEC 67498  Independent Research in Ed Tech 1-5 hrs.
ITEC 60199  Thesis I  & ITEC 60299 Thesis II 6 hrs.