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Online Learning and Teaching Certificate

For educators interested in the growing field of online instruction, Kent State University's Instructional Technology program offers a certificate in Online Learning and Teaching. It is not endorsed by the state of Ohio, nor does it confer any official state licensure. It is a federally approved certificate program sponsored by the university, and there is no need to appear in person at the Kent State University campus.

The certificate is awarded for taking the following five courses, listed below (15 credit hours altogether). The courses can be taken in any order (no pre-requisites) and can be combined with the general Masters Degree in Instructional Technology.

  • ITEC 67436  Distance Education
  • ITEC 67438  Instructional Applications of the Internet
  • ITEC 67442  Designing Online Courses
  • ITEC 67444  Teaching Online Courses
  • ITEC 67449  Research in Online Learning and Teaching

The purpose of the certificate program in Online Learning and Teaching is to provide educators with skills in designing and delivering online courses. Specific goals are:

  • Students will be made aware of the great variety of approaches that can be used for distance education.
  • Students will be exposed to the enormous variety of resources available online and be shown how they can be used effectively for both online instruction and to support traditional face-to-face teaching.
  • Students will be shown how to effectively design a new course for online delivery or convert an existing face-to-face course to an online format.
  • Students will learn how to most proficiently teach online, using a course management system and other online technologies that can enhance student experiences in an online course.
  • Students will explore the most current information about how to best design and deliver online coursework.

Admission requirements include:

  • Apply online for certificate student.
  • A well written statement of the student's reasons for wanting the certificate
  • An undergraduate GPA preferably of at least 3.0 (although lower GPAs may be acceptable, with accompanying supporting statements)

After admission, a program of study must be completed with program coordinator, Dr. Chip Ingram at Download the Program of Study, complete the information, sign it, and submit it to him. It can be mailed to White Hall 405, KSU, Kent, OH 44242, faxed to 330-672-0590 or a signed .pdf can be sent to

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