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Online Programs

The Instructional Technology program is now offering two of its Master’s degrees, as well as a certificate program, completely online. There is no need to appear in person at the Kent State University campus. This allows busy professionals to pursue a degree without leaving home (or work). For 2017, Kent State is nationally ranked at #72 for Best Online Graduate Education programs by U.S. News & World Report.

You can obtain either the General Master’s or the Master’s Degree with a Computing/Technology Endorsement. You can also obtain the Online Learning and Teaching Certificate entirely online.

The online courses are generally based upon course materials, assignments, and asynchronous online exchanges conducted via Kent State's online course management system, Blackboard Learn. A few of these online courses may also include some synchronous experiences, wherein all students meet simultaneously for a class session with the instructor, each on his/her own computer, in an online teleconferenced session that supports discussion, Webpage display, white board, text chat, small group sessions, class feedback systems, etc.

Those interested in any of these program should contact the Instructional Technology program coordinator, Dr. Chip Ingram at He will reply with information about the degree or certificate, instructions for applying to Kent State, and links to appropriate Webpages that provide additional detailed materials about these programs and the courses offered.