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Masters Degree programs in Instructional Technology require that students take one credit hour devoted to the development of a professional portfolio.

This "electronic portfolio" is to be placed on the Web, so that anyone can access it. It should be organized by a set of "standards" established by a national professional organization (see below) so that the reviewer, and others, can see the qualifications and capabilities of the graduating student. The standards used are different for each of the two Masters concentrations in the program, so be sure to download the standards for the one you are enrolled in.

A set of instructions have been developed for the portfolio. There is a different handout for the two Instructional Technology concentrations. Each handout includes general instructions about what to include in the portfolio, as well as a listing of types of class projects that address the different Standards. It also lists a set of skills to be demonstrated. Finally, it describes how the portfolio is to be evaluated.

Students working on their portfolios need to read this handout carefully before they begin, so that they organize their Websites appropriately, using a set of specific professional standards, and then include appropriate types of projects associated with each standard. An important part of the portfolio is text providing commentary by students about the purpose of their projects and how they address the standards.

The instructor will give you a grade of S (satisfactory) or U (unsatisfactory) as the final grade for your portfolio. The basis for this grade is described on a handout that provides rubrics for assigning grades on criteria for each standard. Evaluation Criteria Handout Since each Instructional Technology concentration uses a different set of Standards, there is a slightly different evaluation form for each:

To see what an excellent portfolio might look like, here are links to several examples of well designed portfolios completed by former students. They are grouped by the type of Masters program these students were completing. Note that each portfolio includes a page that lists the aforementioned standards, with links to related material that demonstrates how they were fulfilled (however, the Endorsement standards have changed since these examples were developed).

General Instructional Technology Degree

Computer/Technology Endorsement