Practicum | Kent State University

If you are enrolled in a Master’s program that includes an endorsement or licensure, it will include a required practicum experience. You will need to take ITEC 67492 Advanced Practicum and Internship in Instructional Technology for a specified number of credit hours. A packet with a set of handouts has been developed for the Practicum. These materials include letters of introduction, listings of requirements, evaluation forms, suggested activities, etc.

This page provides links to this set of documents included in this practicum packet. Each document can be downloaded by selecting its underlined hyperlink name. It is strongly recommended that students download all of these materials and read them over before they begin their practicum experience. Note that the requirements for those seeking the Computing/Technology Endorsement differ somewhat from those expected of students seeking the Library/Media Licensure.

The introductory Student Letter is from the university instructor overseeing the practicum experience. It provides a listing of the rest of the documents in the packet. There is also a Letter for Supervisor from the Instructional Technology program coordinator that the student will give to the person in the field who will be supervising them. The requirements for the practicum are listed in the Requirements handout. Next is a Sample Contract that the student can use to develop the listing of activities s/he will complete during the practicum. The contract will need to be signed by the student, the site supervisor, and the university practicum coordinator. A form for the Evaluation of Internship Site is provided for the student to complete and submit at the end of the experience. The Supervisor Evaluation of Intern form is to be given to the supervisor to be completed and sent to the university practicum coordinator. An Evaluation of Training Session form is provided for training sessions conducted by interns. These forms are for training session participants to complete and return to the intern, thereby providing feedback about how it went. The intern can include completed training session evaluation forms with the rest of the materials that are submitted to the university coordinator. A Project Evaluation form is to be given to teachers with whom the intern collaborates on a project. Finally there is a handout with suggested activities.

Practicum Activity Unsatisfactory Satisfactory
Log Insufficient number of work hours documented (less than 100) Sufficient number of work hours documented (at least 100)
Journal Insufficient numbers of entries provided or inadequate discussion Ongoing entries with interesting material and thoughtful observations
Site Evaluation (by Intern) Form not submitted, incomplete or inappropriate Submitted with every item completed and comments provided
Supervisor Evaluation Negative review of intern(less than 48 pts. on evaluation form) Positive review of intern(at least 48 pts. on evaluation form)
Collaborating Teacher Evaluation Negative review of intern/experience(less than 44 pts. on evaluation form) Positive review of intern/experience(at least 44 pts. on evaluation form)
Teacher Trainees’ Evaluation Negative review of experience(less than 8 pts. on evaluation rubric) Positive review of experience(at least 8 pts. on evaluation rubric)
Assistive Technology Not submitted or insufficiently addressed activity Appropriate assistive technology used with student with disabilities
Data Analysis Not submitted or data was inappropriately applied An appropriate assessment was conducted and analyzed
Supporting Materials No other materials submitted about activities Materials submitted to document activities & projects
Critique (by Intern) Short, superficial or lacking in analysis about the experience 5 pages of thoughtful analysis and indications of professional growth