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School Library/Media Specialist Initial Licensure

If you already have a teaching license and wish to pursue a career as a school librarian/media specialist, there are programs available through Kent State's iSchool (School of Information)for obtaining this licensure, along with a Master's Degree. The Instructional Technology (ITEC) program no longer supports such programs.

If you do not have a teaching license, the only way to become a school librarian in Ohio is through an INITIAL Licensure program. The Instructional Technology program offers a 57 credit hour dual degree program with the School of Information for initial K-12 School Library Media Licensure. Most of the program is available online, including all of the SLIS and ITEC courses, but a few courses from other program areas might not be.

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Interested parties need to apply to both the College of Education, Health, and Human Services (EHHS) and the School of Information (iSchool). TWO separate applications must be submitted, and you must be accepted by both ITEC and SLIS. The contact person at SLIS for this program is Dr. Meghan Harper. Contact her for further information about applying (330-672-5849 or

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Here is a link to the Web page describing how to apply for admission to EHHS, including a link to Apply Online. For admission into this program you must have an overall grade point average (GPA) for all coursework of at least 3.0. If not, you need to take the Graduate Record Exam (GRE) and submit your scores. Also required are a goal statement, 3 reference forms or letters, and college transcripts.

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If you are admitted to this program, you will then need to complete, sign, and submit a program of study listing the courses you intend to take. Dr. Megan Harper advises all students in the program (, 330-672-5849), and she oversees the process of completing the program of study. Four Instructional Technology courses are required, selected from a listing of seven ITEC courses that can satisfy this requirement. So you need to decide which ITEC courses are most appropriate for you. TWO copies of the finalized, approved program of study must be submitted, so that BOTH the graduate school offices in EHHS and SLIS have copies of your program. The Office of Graduate Education is located in White Hall 418. When you apply for graduation, your transcript of completed courses will be compared with your program of study to determine if you have satisfied all requirements. If a program of study is not received by both schools before the end of the first semester, your course registration will be blocked.

If you have any further questions, feel free to contact me by email or phone.