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Types of Students

Our students come from a variety of backgrounds and disciplines. Most of our master’s students are teachers who are looking for ways to integrate technology-based activities into their classrooms. These students usually are interested in the Instructional Technologist Master's Degree.

Some teachers are planning to leave the classroom to take positions as technology coordinators in a school or district. These students often want to include add a Computer/Technology Endorsement to their teaching licensure because it better qualifies them for this role. Most of these students wish to simultaneously obtain their master's degree, but it is possible to obtain the endorsement by itself.

Another type of student in our program hopes to work in a school library or media center. These students seek the Library/Media Licensure that will qualify them to successfully obtain such a position. Most of them also wish to obtain a master’s degree. Not all of our master’s students are from the field of education. Some students are interested in working in the private sector, as instructional designers, or trainers. Other students plan to design and develop technology-based instructional materials. Still others are interested in overseeing technology centers within an organization. These students generally are interested in the Instructional Technologist Master’s Degree.

At the doctoral level, we have a diverse set of students. Some seek to become professors at a university. Some already teach at the college level but do not yet have their doctoral degree. Other types of professionals, in various fields, play important roles in developing technology programs for their organizations.