Early Intervention Certificate 2013-14 Cohort


Student Portfolios

See samples of student portfolios below:

Stacey Jenkins

Alleiah Keeley

Rachelle Lay Hughes


Action Research Projects

Students presented their research projects at the university-wide Graduate Research Symposium in Spring 2014. All research was conducted at internship sites. 

Research Symposium 2014 - Heather Fournier

Coaching Caregivers to Implement Joint Attention Interventions in the Natural Environment

by Heather (Brownfield) Fournier


Research Symposium 2014 - Stacey Jenkins

The Effects of Parent-Implemented Language Strategies with a Toddler with Mild Language Delays Embedded in the Home Setting

by Stacey Jenkins


Research Symposium 2014 - Alleiah Keeley

Coaching Parents to Implement Play Engagement Strategies in the Home Setting*

by Alleiah Keeley

*Also presented at the Ohio Division for Early Childhood Conference at Bowling Green State University, November 14, 2014

Research Symposium 2014 - Rachelle Lay Hughes

Video-Modeled Dialogic Reading Strategies Implemented by Caregivers with 3-Year-Olds at Home and Preschool**

by Rachelle Lay Hughes

**Rachelle also presented on Dialogic Reading at the Ohio Early Childhood Conference in Sandusky, OH, April 2016

Research Symposium 2014 - Kathy Supple

Coaching Caregivers to Implement Naturalistic Communication Strategies in Home and Community Settings

by Kathy Supple