Early Intervention Certificate 2014-15 Cohort

Early Intervention Certificate 2014-15 Cohort Picture
2014-15 Cohort with faculty members Dr. Ching-I Chen and Dr. Sanna Harjusola-Webb

Student Portfolios

See samples of student portfolios below:
Jenna Dodson
Bridget Tompkins
Kaitlyn Warren

Action Research Projects

The projects below were presented at the 2015 Graduate Research Symposium at Kent State University. All research was conducted at internship sites. 


Research Symposium 2015 - Ryan

The Effects of Naturalistic Communication Promoting Strategies on a Child's Expressing Language at a Home Setting

by Ryan Buck

Research Symposium 2015 - Jenna

Coaching Parents in Responsive Interaction Strategies Through the Use of Enhanced Milieu Teaching with Prelinguistic Developing Children

by Jenna Dodson

Research Symposium 2015 - Phyllis

The Effects of Parent-Implemented Communication Intervention to Foster Positive Parent-Child Interactions and Child Communication at Home

by Phyllis Jadosh

Research Symposium 2015 - Beth

Coaching a Parent to Implement Milieu Teaching Strategies with a Toddler in the Natural Environment*

by Elizabeth Lattime

*Congratulations to Beth for earning an award for her presentation!

Research Symposium 2015 - Shannon

The Effects of Parent-Implemented Turn-Taking Strategies Embedded in Home Setting for Toddler with Developmental Delays

by Shannon Lesnak

Research Symposium 2015 - Yolanda

The Effects of Joint Attention Intervention on the Social Communication of a Child with Autism*

by Yolanda Mahoney

*Congratulations to Yolanda for earning an award for her research presentation!

Research Symposium 2015 - Bridget

Coaching Caregivers on the Use of a Play-Based Communication Strategy to Enhance the Social Skills of Young Children with Communication Delays

by Bridget Tompkins

Research Symposium 2015 - Kaitlyn

Coaching Parents on Implementing Strategies to Increase Requesting with Prelinguistic Children

by Kaitlyn Warren