EHHS Featured Researchers: Fall 2020

John McDaniel
Dr. John McDaniel

School of Health Sciences

Dr. McDaniel received his Ph.D. in Exercise Physiology from the University of Utah and spent 2 years in a post-doc position at the Salt Lake City VA Medical Center prior to joining the Exercise Science Program at KSU. Historically his research has focused on understanding factors that are responsible for poor blood flow regulation and tissue perfusion in a variety of populations including healthy older individuals, as well as those with heart failure, heart transplants and spinal cord injuries. Current projects at KSU involve development of novel exercise modalities for individuals with heart failure, peripheral arterial disease and paralysis due to stroke.  Dr. McDaniel also has a strong collaboration with investigators in the Advanced Platform Technology Center at the Cleveland VA Medical Center. The focus of this collaboration is to optimize electrical stimulation patterns and exercise training to maximize functional electrical stimulation cycling performance in individuals with complete spinal cord injuries. 

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Tricia Niesz, Ph.D.
Dr. Tricia Niesz

School of Foundations, Leadership & Administration

Dr. Tricia Niesz is an Associate Professor of Cultural Foundations of Education and Qualitative Research. She is co-founder and co-coordinator of Kent State’s interdisciplinary graduate certificate in qualitative research. Dr. Niesz’s research employs anthropological methods and theories to investigate cultural change in the field of education. She is particularly interested in teachers’ participation in social movements and professional movements promoting equity and social justice, and how these movements generate knowledge, learning, identities, and school change. She has researched educational change efforts promoted by activist educators in the U.S. and South India. Her work has been published in scholarly journals including Teachers College Record, Anthropology & Education Quarterly, and the Journal of Educational Change. She was recently awarded a research grant from the Spencer Foundation for her project, "The Production, Circulation, and Impact of Teacher Activist Knowledge in the Struggle for State Education Policy Change."

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