EHHS Featured Researchers: Spring 2019

Dr. Kizzy Albritton Headshot
Dr. Kizzy Albritton

School of Lifespan Development & Educational Sciences

Dr. Kizzy Albritton is an Assistant Professor in the School Psychology program at Kent State University. Her primary line of research inquiry examines way to improve the academic and social-emotional outcomes for racial and ethnic minority children in early childhood settings. The challenges impacting racial and ethnic minority preschool age children are significant and quite complex. Dr. Albritton's research addresses these challenges through the implementation of academic interventions as well as understanding and expanding the role of school psychologists who provide services in early childhood settings. Her scholarly efforts have resulted in a productive and focused publication record with articles in school psychology and educational research journals such as Contemporary School Psychology, Journal of Applied School Psychology, Journal of Psychological and Educational Consultation, and Topics in Early Childhood Special Education. Recently, Dr. Albritton was selected to participate as an Early Career Scholar in the 2019 School Psychology Research Collaboration Conference. Prior to completing her doctoral degree, she worked as an elementary and middle school special education teacher. Dr. Albritton received her Ph.D. in school psychology from Georgia State University in 2014.

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Dr. Karl Kosko Headshot
Dr. Karl Kosko

School of Teaching, Learning & Curriculum Studies

Dr. Kosko is an Associate Professor of Mathematics Education at Kent State University. His work focuses on how mathematical meaning is conveyed. This includes research on how children reason multiplicatively, and how to facilitate mathematical argument in the elementary classroom. Additionally, Dr. Kosko has focused extensively on using representations of practice to improve teacher education and professional development. This has included video, animations, and investigating the usability of virtual reality headsets to train future teachers. His research has been published in various top tier journals including the Journal of Teacher EducationJournal of Mathematics Teacher EducationJournal of Technology and Teacher EducationJournal of Mathematical BehaviorEducational Policy, and others. In addition to his research, Dr. Kosko teaches in the Early Childhood Education program, and works with doctoral students in the Mathematics Education concentration.


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