Room-Based Videoconferencing

EHHS has two videoconferencing rooms: Room 210 in White Hall and Room 205 in Nixson Hall.  Also a portable unit is available that can be scheduled for videoconferencing.

Video Conferencing

The portable unit may be rolled into any room in White Hall with an active Ethernet port.  You may, with participant's permission, record  the videoconference through a variety of available medias. To make arrangements and to schedule a videoconference, contact Julee Henry at

Guest Lectures

Connections can be made to professionals around the world. Invite a colleague to “attend” your class for a guest lecture or discussion. Most universities and colleges have this technology and it is usually free. (There is no cost for the use of EHHS resources)

Classroom Connections

Any site with compatible equipment can connect to the University. Agencies such as zoos, state organizations, many PreK-12 schools, and county sites are available for collaborative projects using videoconferencing to connect.

Virtual Field Experience

There is a "virtual field" component in the Educational Technology course for teacher education candidates. We are connected to several PreK-12 schools in Northeast Ohio to "observe" their classrooms. We are also using the system to provide virtual experiences for the School Library Media Licensure program. There is potential to expand this to other disciplines and programs.

Distance Learning Courses

A distance learning course can be developed using videoconferencing. Regional campuses, Tri-C, and K-12 schools can be sites for delivery of distance learning courses. All distance courses adhere to the same rigorous development as traditional courses with the added elements of designing them to be personal and interactive. They also include the technical support and remote access to services necessary for students to successfully complete their courses. Guidelines are available to help with the adaptation of a traditional course to one delivered through videoconferencing.