Video Conferencing

Real-time Conferencing for Classroom and Other Activities

Classroom-Based Activities

In 2014 Kent State University implemented Blackboard Collaborate for synchronous, real-time, online educational activities. Blackboard Collaborate provides a real-time space for engaging learners and participants interactively. A number of tools can be made available, such as navigating to website, sharing documents and computer desktop, and an interactive white board. Students and instructors can communicate via video, audio, and instant chat. Sessions can also be recorded for future use.

Blackboard Collaborate generates a link that can be provided so external users can access the session from outside Kent State University.

Conferencing Activities

In October 2014 Kent State announced that a powerful tool for web conferencing, WebEx, would be made available to faculty and instructors on campus. You can find more information about getting the required license, installation, and using Webex on the website, or contact the EHHS technical support.

For support with Blackboard Collaborate online educational activities please contact Tom Stafford or Murat Dagistan.

For assistance with using WebEx as a conference or meeting tool, please contact Julee Henry.

Telephone Conferencing and Skype sessions 

Telephone and Skype conferences remain available using the Polycom system and tools available in 210 White Hall. Please contact Julee Henry ( for further information on organizing these kinds of sessions or review the information in "Room-Based Video Conferencing" from the left-hand navigation menu.

Blackboard Collaborate Resources for Instructors/Moderators

Blackboard Collaborate Resources for Participants

Additional videos and PDF resources