Curriculum Committee meetings will be held as listed on the Curriculum Committee Meeting Schedule. The deadline for submitting proposals to the adjacent meeting are two weeks prior to the meeting. Proposals received after the deadline will be held until the following month.

Proposal initiators must follow Curriculum Services' guidelines for proposal submissions. This information and needed forms are found at the Curriculum Services link on the left sidebar. Incomplete proposals will be returned for adjustments if necessary. The faculty initiator of each proposal is also expected to attend the meeting to present his/her proposal.

Please review the materials below for useful information and contact Susan Augustine for assistance.

EHHS Curriculum Coordinator: Susan Augustine will be available to review and offer guidance to faculty members developing curriculum proposals. She may be contacted via telephone at 330-672-2187 or via e-mail at

Proposals will be presented between 10:30 AM and Noon on the designated dates. Undergraduate proposals are generally presented first. The meeting agenda lists the proposals in the order in which they are to be presented. If you have questions about the meeting agenda, please contact Susan Augustine.

Proposals should be reviewed at Program and School levels and by Susan Augustine before submission to the EHHS Curriculum Committee for consideration.