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Faculty & Graduate Students

College-Supported Bureau Services to EHHS Faculty and Graduate Students Working on Non-Funded Research

What We Do: Consultation Services

  • Research design
  • Statistical design

What We Do: Survey Development

  • Consultation in the use of online surveys, including Qualtrics and SurveyMonkey
  • Survey layout and design (online and paper and pencil)

What We Do: Data Analysis

  • SPSS database development
  • Quantitative data analysis in SPSS
  • Explanation of SPSS output

What We Do: Data Lab Services

  • Transcriptions from mp3 files or standard-size cassette tapes
  • Data entry of hard-copy survey responses into SPSS, both quantitative and qualitative data

If your needs are not included here, please ask us!

Consultation Services: EHHS faculty receive an unlimited number of hours of authorized Bureau consultation services. Doctoral students at dissertation level and Master's students at thesis level receive 40 hours of authorized consultation services.

Data Lab Services: EHHS faculty receive an unlimited number of hours of Bureau data lab services. Graduate students receive 40 hours of data lab services (not to be interchanged with the 40-hour allotment for consultation services).