Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do my tapes/files need to be in a particular format in order to be transcribed?

A. We accept digital files in mp3, wma, or mp4 formats.  We do not accept tapes, DVDs, etc. The files are transferred via Accellion or flash drive.  We do not accept digital files via email.

Q. Do you convert files into a different format?

A. We do not convert files.  Please have them ready in one of the following formats: mp3, wma, or mp4

Q. Does the Bureau transcribe video tapes?

A.  No.  We do not have the proper equipment to transcribe video tapes.

Q. Does the Bureau lend equipment, such as tapes or recorders?

A. No.  The IRC on the 2nd floor of White Hall has equipment available for checkout by EHHS students and faculty.

Q. Do I need to have IRB approval to receive Bureau services?

A. If you are only receiving survey development services or consultation on research design, then no. If your project involves data collection, including but not limited to transcription, the answer is yes. You would need to provide us with a copy of the official approval letter/e-mail for the IRB before we can process any data.

*If you receive an exemption from the IRB stating you do not need an approval for your project, then verification of that exemption is sufficient.

Don't see your questions? Read more FAQs (PDF)