Mackenzie Simmons of the Ed.D. program

One of the First - The Ed.D. Program with Mackenzie Simmons

POSTED: May. 17, 2023

My name is Mackenzie Simmons, and I am one of the first Ed.D. students that graduated from Kent State University. I recently completed the Interprofessional Leadership program, where I was in the Athletic Training concentration. 

Headshot of Mackenzie Simmons, Ed.D.

To give you a little background on myself, I graduated from Kent State University in 2014 with my Bachelor’s of Science in Athletic Training and passed my Board of Certification (BOC) exam to be able to practice as an athletic trainer. Following my undergraduate degree, I attended James Madison University and earned my Master’s of Science in Education in Adult Education/Human Resource Development while working as a Teaching Assistant in their Athletic Training Program. After graduating in 2016, I got hired by the Cleveland Clinic, where I have been working as an athletic trainer contracted out to Cloverleaf High School. My responsibilities include injury evaluation and diagnosis, therapeutic intervention and rehabilitation, and critical incident management. 

I greatly enjoyed my time in the Interprofessional Leadership program at Kent State University. I gained extensive knowledge on different research methods, while also learning about identifying and solving problems of practice. Additionally, I expanded my knowledge on topics such as social justice, ethical leadership, and organizational change. Specifically, the classes in the Athletic Training concentration helped introduce me to different aspects of program management and development, which will help prepare me for a position in an athletic training program. 

My advice to current and prospective students is to always reach out for help. Rely on your cohort members, as well as students who are ahead of you in the program. Collaborating with others is beneficial to being successful in this program. If you need further clarification or extra help on an assignment, ask your instructor. Also, try and find a way to connect your assignments to a problem of practice in your workplace. It will be helpful with finding meaningful solutions that will help advance you in your job. Overall, trust the process, and enjoy your time in the program!