Post-Conference Graduate Credit Workshop

Learning Innovations

Earn 1 graduate workshop credit hour through Kent State University for $162.

Steps to receive the graduate workshop credit:

  • Register for the course online using the Google Form:
    • Registration Deadline: Tuesday, November 5, 2019
    • Payment Deadline: Tuesday, November 19, 2019 (online payment only- directions will be sent to students upon registration)
  • Following the conference, complete a Reflect-Learn-Innovate Post-Conference Analysis:
    • Reflect: Reflect upon the 6 conference sessions you attended.  For each session, discuss specific questions or new ideas that the session raised for you that will innovate your work as an educator. 
    • Learn:  Identify a specific concept, model, framework or strategy highlighted at the conference for further inquiry and research. Read/study additional  resources related to your targeted inquiry. You may use resources highlighted in conference sessions or handouts or you may select resources found through your own research.
    • Innovate:  Connect the concept, model, framework or strategy to your own educational setting and role & describe how you might apply it to innovate teaching and learning.
  • Submit your completed Reflect-Learn-Innovate  Post-Conference Project by  December 1, 2019 to 

Questions can be directed to:

Dr. Julee Henry  

Dr. Annette Kratcoski