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Below you will find a list of EHHS faculty names and their current projects. To learn more about each faculty member (including research interests, contact details etc.) click on the name and in the window that opens scroll down to the appropriate faculty member.

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Faculty Members Project Title
Joanne Caniglia, PhD A study of the issue of fairness by mathematics and special education teachers
Cindy Kovalik, PhD 1. Use of simulation games for learning
2. Untitled
The goal of this research project is to determine the information literacy skills of high school seniors. A series of measurements are available for analysis. This study is being done in conjunction with a high school in the Columbus area.
Vilma Seeberg, PhD 1. African American students’ academic engagement and success: Family stories: Focus on Shaker Heights, Ohio
2. Chinese Girls Study group
Christopher Was, PhD Knowledge monitoring, metacognition and working memory