School of Foundations, Leadership & Administration Scholarships

Programs in the School of FLA include: Cultural Foundations, Educational Studies, Research, Statistics & Measurement, Higher Education Administration, Hospitality Management, Educational Leadership K-12, Recreation Park & Tourism Management, Sport Administration, Sport & Recreation Management, and Sport Studies. Not all scholarships are open for applications every semester. Click on Apply to see availability.

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George A. Bowman Fellowship in Educational Administration

Scholarship to support students majoring in Educational Administration K-12 or Educational Leadership K-12.

Alex Doody "Catch Me If You Can"

This fund supports students from the Hospitality Management program to fund their study abroad, expenses including room and board, tuition and travel.

Pittsburgh Penguins Scholarship

The Partnership Sales Intern will hold a temporary position within the company, with an emphasis on gathering practical experience in corporate partnership sales and service operations for a professional sports organization. Learn more.

Higher Education Administration Pathway Fund

Incoming or current Kent State University graduate students in the Master or Ph.D. program in Higher Education Administration and Student Affairs in the College of Education, Health and Human Services after having worked full-time for at least 3 years. The goal of this fund is to encourage qualified applicants to consider service to colleges and universities after starting in a different career path. Applicants must submit a brief personal statement about their interest in pursuing this degree, their employment background, and their intended path in the field of higher education.

The Judith Sheftic Memorial Scholarship in Hospitality Management

Intended for Kent State University students pursuing a degree in Hospitality Management. Preference will be given to a student in need of emergency aid due to an unexpected change in finances.

Robert E. Wilson Fellowship

Scholarship to support a student pursuing an advanced degree in school administration.

Dr. Pat Eva Crisci Endowed Scholarship

Scholarship to provide support for a doctoral student enrolled in the Educational Administration K-12, or Educational Leadership K-12 program. Preference will be given to candidates pursuing a Professorate; must be a current student completing his or her last semester of coursework or working on his or her dissertation.

Linerode/Irmiter Scholarship

To provide one or more scholarships annually to students majoring in Hospitality Management in the professional phase of the program. Awarded on the basis of academic achievement, leadership and work experience within the area of Hospitality Management. This scholarship shall be awarded to native born American citizens only.

Anthony and Pamela Stevens Higher Education Administration Scholarship

Scholarship for a graduate student enrolled in the College of Education, Health and Human Services and pursuing a master’s or Ph.D. in the Higher Education Administration program. Students must demonstrate that they have a background in student activities, student government or other voluntary campus involvement through the submission of a brief essay. Preference shall be given to a graduate student whose completion of this degree is at risk of being interrupted due to the student's personal circumstances.

Mackenzie Leadership in Higher Education Scholarship

For a Kent State University graduate student who is enrolled in the Higher Education and Student Personnel program in the College of Education, Health and Human Services. First preference shall be given to first generation female identifying students and or first-generation graduate students. Not available to those receiving the KSU employee sponsored Tuition Waiver benefit.

Hospitality Management Inspiration Scholarship

Scholarship awarded to a Kent State university student in their junior or senior year of study, majoring in Hospitality Management with a GPA of at least 2.75. The recipient must also have engaged in community work that demonstrates social consciousness or be overcoming challenges and serve as an inspiration to future generations of Hospitality Management students.

Aramark Hospitality

Scholarship intended for a graduate or undergraduate student (junior or senior) in the Hospitality Management program at either the Kent or Ashtabula campus with financial need.

Higher Education and Student Personnel Student and Travel Fund

The fund ensures HEASP students can take advantage of all the benefits of being involved with professional organizations by attending national and regional conferences.

HEASP Student Scholarship Fund

Intended for Kent State University students enrolled in the Master or Ph.D. program in Higher Education and Student Personnel in the College of Education, Health and Human Services. This scholarship is to support students who are facing financial challenges that may prevent degree completion. Recipients must demonstrate academic success through the first 1/3 of the program requirements. Applicants must submit a brief personal statement detailing how receiving this scholarship will assist them in successfully completing a degree.

The Tripp Scholarship for Non-Traditional Students in EDST

Scholarship for non-traditional students in the Educational Studies program. Must have financial need as determined by the FAFSA.

Mary E. Keller Scholarship for Hospitality Management

Scholarship support for a student in the Hospitality Management program with a sophomore standing, at least 60 hours remaining before graduation or junior standing, at least 30 hours remaining before graduation. A minimum 3.0 GPA and involvement in extracurricular activities.

Hospitality Management Scholarship

This scholarship will recognize outstanding students in the Hospitality Management Program. Based on GPA and essay response.

College Town Kent Scholarship Hospitality Management

Scholarship for students enrolled in the Hospitality Management program at KSU.

Frances Solomon Food Service Management Scholarship

Scholarship to support students in the Hospitality Management program. Preference for a freshman with prior academic performance, recommendations from faculty, extracurricular activities and food service experience.

Jill Anna Marsey Memorial

Scholarship to support a student in the Disability Studies and Community Inclusion minor who have completed the core courses for the minor.