Taskstream Requirements for Education Majors

Program faculty identified key assignments/assessments that represent checkpoints of candidate learning. These documents only list the requirements that use Taskstream LAT for evaluation purposes. In some instances, students are required to submit their assignments directly to Taskstream LAT. For resources on how to do that, please visit our LAT webpage and click on the “Student Resources” tab. Documents last updated May 2018. Note that requirements are subject to change.

ECED: Early Childhood Education

EDLE: Educational Leadership (K-12)

ETEC (formerly ITEC): Educational Technology 
  • ETEC-Graduate Program

IMTH: Integrated Mathematics

INLA: Integrated Language Arts

INSS: Integrated Social Studies 

ISCI: Integrated Science

MCED: Middle Childhood Education

MCLS: Foreign Language Education

PETE: Physical Education

SHED: School Health Education
  • SHED-Graduate and Undergraduate Programs

SPED: Special Education