Testimonials By Students:

“My dream of going to college has come true!” ~ Cory

“I am becoming more independent!”  ~ Brady

“I am learning to become a more responsible adult.” ~ Erin

"I am furthering my education and connecting to friends." ~ Cecilia 

"I'm glad to be in college because it's the first big step to becoming an adult." ~ Cam 

"Coming to college gets me out of the house and gives me a different point of view." ~ Henry 


Testimonials By Mentors: 

I began participating in the CCS program for the first time in fall 2014.  It was a wonderful experience and an exciting opportunity!  At first I was unfamiliar with how to work with transition-aged students in a college program but I quickly realized it was interesting to see the dynamic of the program and how it ran. ~ Laura

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I am a new mentor to the CCS program at Kent State University this semester. So far, my experience with the program has been a very positive one and I have loved working with each and every one of the students. I believe this program is a very valuable experience for these students because it provides them with an opportunity to have a real college experience.  ~ Alex 

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I have gained quite a unique experience with the CCS program. I am an Independent Living Mentor (ILM) which focuses on the social aspects of college, as well as an “academic” mentor. So that means that I am able to get to know the students in a professional setting, as well as a more relaxed setting. ~ Jenice 

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I have only been with the students for two months but the growth that I have seen in each and every student has been mind-blowing. Their skills in communication, social situations, travel, safety, independence, understanding of self (needs, wants, and preferences), and self-advocacy has grown at very rapid pace. ~ Josh 

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 When I started at Kent State I felt like something was missing.  I wanted more opportunities to volunteer and to help others.  It was then that I found the CCS program. I accompanied a student to class to help him become comfortable in a college environment and to learn the expectations of attending a college class.  Afterwards I would tutor and help him work on assignments. ~ Julie 

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I am a senior special education major who has had the privilege of working with the Career and Community Studies program for the past three semesters. Watching students with intellectual and developmental disabilities learning alongside other KSU students has reinforced my belief that all students can learn diverse content when provided with meaningful opportunities. ~ Catherine 

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