Social Studies

Dr. Todd Hawley is the contact person for the Integrated Social Studies program. Please contact him with any questions:

The Integrated Social Studies (INSS) program prepares prospective teachers to teach all social studies classes, grades 7-12. If recommended for licensure, a teacher will be licensed to teach any social studies class in Ohio in 7th-12th grades.

The program is designed to prepare prospective teachers to be purposeful, deliberative decision-makers, reflective practitioners who prepare citizens who will then continue to contribute to the deepening of democracy, and promote the common good.

The vision is designed to prepare pre-service social studies teachers who:

  • Continuously reflect on their practice to help learn.
  • Engage in collaborative inquiry and partnerships to promote student learning and continued professional growth.
  • Create equitable classrooms that are responsive to the needs of all students.
  • Plan/organize meaningful lessons and assessments that promote active student engagement in worthwhile learning.
  • View themselves as curriculum developers who recognize that social studies content and curriculum are more than information in textbooks and standardized curriculum guide.



It is recommended that you meet regularly (at least once a year) with a program counselor in the Vacca Office of Student Services (304 White Hall) during your academic career. If you have specific questions about courses or are entering in advanced study, you can also meet regularly with your faculty advisor.

  • Please be sure to remain aware of all deadlines and requirements.
  • Again, see a program counselor or faculty advisor for details.

Licensure Requirement (not required for graduation): Candidates seeking Ohio licensure are required to pass specific assessments in order to apply for licensure. See Ohio Department of Education - Educator Preparation website for more information on assessments specific to licensure type. Taking and passing the licensure tests prior to graduation is encouraged but not required.