Kent State University and Buchtel Community Learning Center begin field placement partnership

Buchtel Community Learning CenterKent State’s Adolescent to Young Adult Program is excited to be collaborating with the administration, teachers and students at Buchtel Community Learning Center, a 7-12 school in the Akron Public Schools. On Oct. 4, 2018, 80 preservice teachers in the ADED program will begin a five-week field placement at Buchtel CLC. This partnership will begin with a town hall-style meeting attended by ADED preservice teachers, Buchtel’s Teacher Academy Program student ambassadors, and community members from the Buchtel cluster of neighborhoods on the west side of Akron. Community members will answer questions from preservice teachers and students, helping them to understand better the scope of support from the community that surrounds the school.

The rest of the month of October, students from Mike Levicky’s and Dr. Lisa Testa’s sections of Principles of Teaching will be embedded in classrooms at Buchtel CLC. Each week, Kent State preservice teachers will be collaborating with Melissa Jacot’s Teacher Academy students to co-plan then co-teach mini-lessons. In addition, Kent State students will be paired with interventionists at Buchtel to observe their work in inclusion content classes and to help engage in one-one work with Buchtel students.

On Nov. 13, the EHHS Office of Diversity, Outreach & Development and the School of Teaching, Learning and Curriculum Studies will welcome the students from Buchtel’s Teacher Academy program for a visit to White Hall and the rest of the Kent Campus. The students will have lunch with students from ADED 32142 and learn more about how to become a Kent Stater!