Licensure and Endorsements


Alternative Resident Educator (formerly called Industry Option Licensure-Route B)

The Alternative Resident Educator License is available to those who are successfully approved with the CTE-36 and CTE-37 evaluation completed by the local school district(s). Typically, the Alternative Resident Educator Licensure program begins with two courses offered during the Summer III session. In the event a new teacher misses the summer program, contact the Career & Technical Teacher Education Department for advising at 330-672-2656.

CTE-36 and CTE-37 applicants are skilled in areas such as drafting, electronics, automotive repair, cosmetology, and various other areas. These skilled workers leave the industry in which they are employed to pursue a position as a Career Technical Teacher in their occupational area.  Additional information and the CTE-36 / CTE-37 forms are available on the Ohio Department of Education website.

See Section 5 for Initial Licenses in the Guide for Licensing Candidates for Career-Technical and Adult Education in Ohio

Depending on the educational background of the prospective teacher, the coursework requirements will vary between 11-24 semester credit hours. Before registering for the coursework, it is necessary to meet with the Program Coordinator of the Career & Technical Teacher Education Department to further discuss the CTTE program, admissions, and other requirements.

Undergraduate: 24.0 Credit Hour Undergraduate Program

Graduate: 24.0 Credit Hour Graduate Program


Teachers with Bachelor's Degree in Education AND Current Ohio Teaching License/Certificate

  • For those with a current Ohio Teaching License/Certificate; Adding a Career-Technical Teaching Area
  • 12.0 Credit Hour Graduate Program

Requirement Sheet information for teachers with Bachelor's Degree in Education and a current Ohio Teaching License/Certificate


If you're interested in pursuing a bachelor's degree AFTER completing the Alternative Resident Educator program, please speak with the Program Coordinator: 330-672-0676.


Career Based Intervention Endorsement Program - CBIP (formerly OWE/OWA)

The Career-Based Intervention program (CBIP) is a Career-Technical Education Program designed for students ages 12-21 in grades 7-12 who are identified as disadvantaged (either academically or economically or both) or students with disabilities and who have barriers to achieving academic and career success. The goal of the program is to help students improve academic competence, graduate from high school, develop employability skills, implement a career plan and participate in a career pathway in preparation for postsecondary education and/or careers.

Coursework at Kent State University prepares educators for an endorsement for the Career-Based Intervention Program (CBIP). Educators earning this endorsement must already have a bachelor's degree and a current Ohio Teaching License.

CBIP Endorsement Requirement Sheet

Worksite Coordinator

Kent State University no longer offers the DCT or DCHO licensure/endorsement programs.
You may contact the Ohio Department of Education for a list of universities that may offer these programs.