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In the United States you must take a written test and driving test before you can get a license.  You must have a US license before you can drive a car.  Also, you must title your car, get license plates for your car, and register your car.  You can do all of these things in Ravenna, Ohio in two buildings across from each other on the same street. 

You are responsible for arranging and paying for all these things.  Listed below is the title and licensing bureau in Ravenna, a list of required items, and laws you must follow at all times while driving in the United States.  


Getting Your Driver's License

You must have a US driver's license before you can drive a car in the United States (not a Saudi license).  You will need the following items to get your driver's license.  You are responsible for getting and paying for your own driver's license.  

Proof of residency.  You can bring your lease agreement to prove this.

A picture ID.  You can bring your passport.

Proof of insurance.  You are responsible for finding and paying for your own car insurance.  

You will need to take and pass a written test.  Please download US driving rules in Arabic to study for the test.  

Once you pass this test you will take a driving test.  After you pass both the written and driving test you will be able to go through the remainder of the steps to get your license.  

Please go to the BMV website to find the Ravenna address and for more specific information.  


Registering Your Car

Your car must be registered before you can legally drive it in the United States.  Registering your car includes getting license plates.  You are responsible for registering your car yourself and paying for it.  To register your car you need the following items.

Your US driver's license.  

Proof of residency. Your driver's license is NOT proof of residency.  You will need to bring your housing lease agreement.  

Your car title or your car lease agreement.

Proof of insurance.

When you provide these items, two (2) license plates and three (3) stickers will be given to you.  You MUST put the stickers on your license plates.  Two (2) stickers go on the back license plate and one (1) sticker goes on the front.  You will receive a picture showing you where to put the stickers.  You cannot legally drive your car without the stickers.  


Ohio Passenger Safety Laws

Everyone MUST wear a seatbelt.  It's the law.  

Infants and young children must ride in a child safety seat until they are 4 years old AND weigh at least 40 pounds.

Every child ages 4-8 who is no longer in a car seat must use a booster seat until they reach 4’9” tall.

Children and teens ages 8-15 who are not in booster seats must use adult seat belts.

You may be bringing a car seat on the airplane; otherwise, you will need to purchase a car seat for all your children at Walmart or Target or another store that provides them in Kent, Streetsboro or the surrounding area.