Early Childhood Generalist Endorsement (Grades 4-5)

About the Program

The Early Childhood Generalist (Grades 4-5) Endorsement Preparation program is a 14-credit hour program for teachers holding a CURRENT Ohio Early Childhood P-3 Teaching License.

The Endorsement coursework is offered during the summer semester only. All courses are fully online from May 20-August 18, 2021. Current Kent State undergraduate ECED majors in the ECED professional sequence may complete the Generalist (Grades 4-5) Endorsement after having successfully completed Block IV.

The endorsement coursework can be taken at the Post-Undergraduate level (40000-level) or at the Graduate level (50000-level).

Upon completion of the Early Childhood Generalist (Grades 4-5) Endorsement coursework, candidates must complete and pass the following Ohio Assessments for Educators: Elementary Education Subtest I (Test code 018) and Elementary Education Subtest II (Test code 019). For more information and registration for the tests, please see the Ohio Assessments for Educators webpage.

To add the endorsement to the teaching license upon completion of the program coursework and licensure assessments, candidates must complete our Pre-Application process for licensure on the Student Portal, which once complete, will link to the online licensure application on the Ohio Department of Education website. The Pre-Application MUST be completed for processing and review of the licensure application.

2020-2021 (includes Summer 2021) Tuition Rates:
      UG Tuition Rate (OH Resident) - $465/cr hr*
      GRAD Tuition Rate (OH Resident) - $536/cr hr*
*excludes any additional fees such as the online fee assessment

The Endorsement courses/workshops, if taken at the graduate level (50000-level), may be used toward the completion of a master's degree (there is a six year time-frame in which to do so) in:

  • Early Childhood Education
  • Curriculum and Instruction/Curriculum and Teaching
  • Curriculum and Instruction/Middle Childhood

In most cases all 14 credit hours would count if you apply for both the Graduate Non-Degree Licensure Preparation Program and the Master's degree program at the same time: two separate applications and application fees, but you can share admission documents.

For further information on the ECED Generalist (Grades 4-5) Endorsement Preparation program, please contact:
Erin Harwood, Graduate Senior Advisor/Licensure Specialist

Endorsement Schedule, Summer 2021

Teaching Mathematics in the Intermediate Years - Grades 4-5  (3 hours)

Summer Intercession (May 20-June 9) - Dr. Sonya Irving
MCED 40045 001 CRN# 10718 / MCED 50045 001 CRN# 10719
REMOTE COURSE: TUESDAY 4:00 pm–7:00 pm

Critical Inquiry and Integration Content I - Science/Social Studies Grade 4  (3 hours)

Summer I (June 10-July 14) - Dr. Elizabeth Kenyon
MCED 46645 010 CRN# 10716 / MCED 56645 010 CRN# 10717
V1 – 100% online

WKSP: Understanding “Tweens”: No Longer Children, Not Yet Teens (1 hour)

June 14-June 25 - Dr. Katie Knapp
HDFS 41093 001 CRN# 13653 / HDFS 51093 001 CRN# 13655
1 credit hour online workshop

WKSP: Halfway Up the Stairs: Early Middle Level Education & Effective Teaching and Learning in Grades 4 -5 (1 hour)

June 28-July 9 - Dr. Katie Knapp
CI 40093 007 CRN# 13675 / CI 50093 007 CRN# 13676
V1 – 100% online

Reading and Writing in Middle Childhood  (3 hours)

Summer II (June 10 - August 4)
CI 47504 020 CRN# 10720 / CI 57504 020 CRN# 10721
V1 – 100% online

Critical Inquiry and Integration Content II - Science and Social Studies Grade 5  (3 hours)

Summer III (July 15 - August 18) - Dr. Lisa Borgerding
MCED 47745 030 CRN# 10714 / MCED 57745 030 CRN# 10715
V1 – 100% online

Download the 2021 Summer Schedule (PDF)

Admission Process

Admission Process for degree-holders with a valid (unexpired) ECED P-3 Ohio Teaching License
OR Kent State undergraduate ECED majors currently enrolled in Block V in Spring 2021 and graduating May 2021

Admission Requirements

  • Bachelor's degree (or up for graduation in May 2021)
  • Official transcript(s) - Kent State transcripts not required
  • Minimum 3.000 cumulative (total undergraduate) GPA
  • Goal Statement (one page statement double spaced explaining why you are pursuing this program)
  • Two letters of recommendation (examples: faculty member, supervisor)
  • Evidence of valid Early Childhood P-3 teaching license from the State of Ohio (or current Spring 2021 enrollment in Block V)

Two Application Options

Please be aware that once you are admitted and registered, you cannot change your admission status.

  1. Apply to the Post-Undergraduate Non-Degree Early Childhood Gen. (Grades 4-5) Endorsement Preparation Program and take the courses at the 40000-level and pay undergraduate tuition rates. Coursework can NEVER apply to a master's degree program.

    a. For those who earned your bachelor’s degree from Kent State University and have not attended any other institution since leaving Kent State, OR current Block V students graduating in May 2021: Please complete the Application for Undergraduate Re-Enrollment available on the One Stop for Student Services website (under "Registration & Records" tab, click on "Reenrollment").
    b. For those who earned your bachelor’s degree and ECED PK-3 license outside Kent State, please formally apply to the Post-Undergraduate Non-Degree Early Childhood Gen. (Grades 4-5) Endorsement Preparation Program.

    After application or re-enrollment, please email Katie Kozak at kkozak2@kent.edu indicating you are applying to the Summer 2021 Early Childhood (Grades 4-5) Endorsement Preparation program (post-undergraduate level). Please attach your 2 letters of recommendation and goal statement to the email. She will assist you with next steps in the process.
  2. Apply to the Graduate Non-Degree Early Childhood Generalist (Grades 4-5) Endorsement Preparation Program and take the courses at the 50000-level and pay graduate tuition rates. A limit of up to 12 hours could be transferred into a degree program, if approved.

    a. Optional Additional Graduate Application - For those who want to submit a second graduate application and apply to the Master of Education in ECED or Curriculum & Instruction (Curriculum & Teaching Studies or MCED concentrations) and take advantage of building in the 14 hours of graduate (50000 level) 4/5 endorsement coursework. Admission documents can be shared between the two applications.

Download Application Hints for ECED Generalist Grades 4-5 Endorsement Prep program (PDF)

Once formally admitted, candidates must complete and submit a Request for Overload Form for permission to register for 14 hours of summer coursework. Once the form is processed, a permit will be placed for the course overload and the candidate must complete course registration for all 14 hours through FlashLine:

Admission process for current Kent State undergraduate Early Childhood majors registered in Block IV Spring 2021

There is no formal admission process for Spring 2021 Block IV students, but you need to follow these steps:

  1. Email Katie Kozak (kkozak2@kent.edu), Licensure Specialist in the Vacca Office of Student Services for notification of interest. She will confirm current registration in Block IV.
  2. Register through FlashLine for the 40000-level Generalist (Grades 4-5) Endorsement courses. This does not require any application nor any change in admission status. You can just register for the classes through FlashLine using the CRN# for the 40000-level offerings.
  3. Complete an Overload Request Form.
    You will need to complete an Overload Request Form (found on the VOSS Applications & Forms page) in order to take more than 12 hours during the summer session (the program is 14 hours). Please print, complete (List ALL endorsement courses on page 2 - not just the extra 2 hours), SIGN and email the form to Katie Kozak at kkozak2@kent.edu. She should contact you within two business days and if approved, she will put an overload permit in the system. You will then need to go into FlashLine and register for the additional 2 credit hours.