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Early Childhood Education Video & Transcript

[Janice Kroeger, Program Coordinator, Early Childhood Education] My name is Janice Kroeger. I'm the coordinator of Kent State's Early Childhood program. At the undergraduate level, a student can earn a bachelor's degree in Early Childhood Education, and in the state of Ohio, that is a licensure from preK through third grade.

At the graduate degree, we have four strands of possible experiences. One is the MAT program, which is an initial licensure at the master's level. The M.Ed. program is an advanced program for a practitioner that has much more experience. In our master's program, we also have a Master of Arts. And finally, we have a doctoral program.

[Emily O'Dell, Undergraduate Student, Early Childhood Education] Well, the first reason I picked the Early Childhood Education program at Kent was because of their national reputation and their expertise in the field. They're recognized by the National Council of Accreditation for Teacher Education and also the Ohio State Department of Education, so that was really important to me. I also love their emphasis on field experience. Not only do I work best and learn best from experience, but I feel it's the best way to learn how to work with children. So I liked that their program was strongly based around work with the children, hands-on.

[Janice Kroeger] We're known for our lab school, which practices a Reggio Emilia-inspired curricular approach, which is unique in and of itself. But students don't get to just practice there. They will get to be practicing in all kinds of regional schools. We also have international overseas teaching experiences through the Consortium for Overseas Student Teaching.

[Casey Cross, Graduate Student, MAT (Master of Arts, Teaching)] The International Baccalaureate is a certification that's placed on top of our Master of Arts in Teaching program. That certification allows us to teach at any IB school worldwide. The program encompasses a great deal of planet awareness and global issues.

[Ilfa Zhulamanova, Master Student, Early Childhood Education] Before I came to the United States, I was working as a director of a daycare I started myself, and when I was working with the children, I always asked, "Am I doing it right? What should I teach the children?" And when I came to the United States, and I had this opportunity to come to Kent State, I felt that I wanted to go and study and find those answers to my questions.

[Casey Cross] Just seeing those little improvements every day, and that zeal for, like, wanting to know and wanting to learn, is really what showed me that children - young children - is what I wanted to work with.

[Suilu Wang, Master Student, Early Childhood Education] The reason I decided to pursue Early Childhood Education I think is because I love children. I think most people choose this major because they enjoy working with children. So do I, and I also read an old story about a Nobel Prize winner, and he said he learned the most important things in his life, such as sharing, love, trust, thinking, in his kindergarten. So I think maybe someday, I could be the person who could influence other people - just a little bit of change.