K-12 Reading Endorsement

The K-12 Reading Endorsement is a 13-hour graduate experience that allows you to teach reading to K-12 students.

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The courses are as follows:

  • C&I 6/77310: Theory and Practice in the Teaching of Reading (3 hrs)
    Nature and development of reading, approaches to instruction, relation to learning and development.
  • C&I 6/77319: Diagnosis and Remediation in Reading (3 hrs)
    Theory and application of diagnostic principles and remedial reading approaches with school-age children. Cultural, linguistic, cognitive and affective factors in diagnosing and remediating reading problems. Prerequisite: CI 67310.
  • C&I 6/77692: Clinical Practicum in Corrective Reading (3 hrs)
    Application of previous courses includes supervised diagnostic/prescriptive reading work with school-age pupils and diagnostic/remedial reporting. Prerequisite: CI 67319.
  • C&I 6/77330: Reading in the Content Areas (3 hrs)
    Information and competencies for improving students' reading and studying in the content areas. Focus on intermediate grades through postsecondary years.
  • C&I 67396: Individual Investigation in Reading and Language Arts (1 hr online)
    Internship in grade levels outside your current licensure. There are many ways to earn these hours in grade bands outside of your current license even if you are employed full time. Course taken specifically with Dr. Morgan.
  • If needed - MCED 50005: Effective Use of Phonics in Reading (3 hrs)
    The influence of theoretical perspectives on word identification instruction, an examination of the role of phonics in reading and writing, strategies for effective phonics instruction and assessment. Must show evidence of having taken this course previously.

Obtaining K-12 Reading Endorsement

In addition to completing the reading endorsement coursework, you must take the following test: OAE Reading (K-12) exam, subtest 1 (38) and 2 (39). Please note that KSU cannot process a request to the State of Ohio for the Reading Endorsement without test scores.


Schedule of Classes

Download the Schedule of Course Offerings (PDF)

Please Note the Following Before Beginning the K-12 Reading Endorsement Coursework

The state of Ohio requires a certain number of prerequisite hours in reading (9-12 depending on license) before one can begin the graduate K-12 endorsement coursework. Most recent education graduates in Ohio meet this 9-12 hour requirement. However, if you attended school in another state or graduated some time ago, you may not have the necessary hours in reading coursework. If you think this applies to you, please complete a verification form (DOC) and submit it with an unofficial copy of your transcript to Dr. Morgan at dmorgan2@kent.edu. Please note: This is not your formal Kent State graduate application.

  • 12 hours needed: Applicants holding ECED and MCED licensure
  • 9 hours needed: Applicants holding the Adolescent/Young Adult (AYA), multi-age, or career technical license


To Enroll in the Reading Endorsement

Consider applying to the Master’s of Education in Reading Specialization program (M.Ed.). You earn the K-12 endorsement within this program. You have a total of 6 years to complete this degree. You would have 18 hours (6 courses) left after the reading endorsement courses to complete your degree. You may also apply as grad non-degree for the endorsement program only. However please note only 12 hours will transfer to a master’s program if you apply as graduate non-degree.

Go to the Application page.

Check "Special Non-Degree" for Reading Endorsement only or "Master of Education" for the Master's Degree. If you are selecting the Master's Degree, write in "Reading Specialization" as your major. (The GRE is not required for those enrolling in the Reading Endorsement or Master's Degree in Reading Specialization.)

If you have questions, please contact Dr. Morgan: dmorgan2@kent.edu.