Master's Degree in Reading

The M.Ed. in K-12 Reading/Literacy Specialization program develops practical and professional knowledge that is essential for educators concerned with the improvement of literacy at all instructional levels.

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With this program, students study:

  • The nature of the reading process
  • The interrelationships between language, literature and literacy
  • Literacy learning and teaching
  • The nature and needs of students who find reading difficult
  • Reading as a vehicle for learning and enjoyment
  • The role of research in reading

The Reading Specialization Program prepares educators to:

  • Teach students in classroom learning contexts, including reading in the content areas (grades K through adult). Example: A third grade teacher or a high school content area teacher wants to become more knowledgeable and skilled in the teaching of literacy.
  • Teach students who have difficulties with reading (grades K through adult). Example: A teacher spends the majority of time working with students, usually in small groups or individually, who have difficulties in reading.

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Admission to Reading Specialization Program

Complete the Kent State University online graduate application.

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