Master's Degree

Physical Education Teacher Education Concentration (43 Hours)

This 43-hour program leads to a multi-age (pre-K through 12th grade) license to teach Physical Education in the State of Ohio. The program is designed to prepare teacher candidates with competencies that meet the Beginning Teacher Standards of the Society of Health and Physical Educators. The program includes field experience components at the elementary and secondary levels, and culminates with a full semester student teaching experience split between the two levels.

Prospectus: M.Ed. in Curriculum & Instruction, Physical Education Concentration

Requisite Coursework

Undergraduate degree preparation may be in any field, with applicants not required to have an undergraduate degree in Physical Education. Regardless of the undergraduate degree achieved, candidates must satisfy prerequisites for admission to the program. The admission requirements outlined below are additional to the requirements for admission into the M.Ed. degree program (i.e. candidates must have an undergraduate degree with a Grade Point Average of at least 2.75, appropriate letters of reference, and a well articulated career goal statement). Over and above these general requirements, admission to the PETE concentration of the M.Ed. degree is a two-part process (outlined below) that might take time to complete if additional undergraduate coursework is required.

  1. Candidates provide a full resume and transcripts and meet with faculty for an interview.
  2. It is essential that candidates enter the program with some background and knowledge in the following areas: 
    • Physical Education Content
    • Growth and Development
    • Technology

Therefore, candidates are required to complete the following undergraduate courses (or equivalents), either at KSU or another institution, with an overall GPA of 2.75. These courses constitute a total of 27-29 undergraduate credit hours. * Note: Summer courses cannot be guaranteed.

Undergraduate Prerequisite Courses
Courses Semester Offered
PESP 15011 or 15015 or 15016
Development and Analysis of Invasion Games, Net Games or Fielding/Target Games (must take at KSU) (3)
Fall or Spring
PESP 15018 Swimming and Aquatics (1) or American Red Cross level 5 Fall or Spring
PESP 15020 Fundamental Movement, Gymnastics and Dance (3) Fall
PESP 25026 Outdoor Pursuits (3) Spring
PESP 25033 Lifespan Motor Development (3) Fall, Spring, Summer*
PESP 25056 Assessment of Learning in Physical Education and Sport (3) Spring
PESP 35020 Fitness Education (3) Fall
PESP 35084 Motor Skill Analysis (3) Spring
EPSY 29525 Educational Psychology (3) Fall, Spring, Summer*
EXSC 25057 Anatomy & Physiology I (3) Fall, Spring, Summer*
American Red Cross 1st Aid and AED  

Candidates must also demonstrate technology competence through successful completion of a technology course or presentation of materials.

Graduate PETE Program Requirements

Research Requirement (3 hrs)

  • RMS 65511: Research in Educational Services (available online) (3 hours)

Curriculum Requirements (6 hrs)

  • CI 67001: Fundamentals of Curriculum (3 hours)
  • CI 67002: Curriculum Leadership (3 hours)

Teacher Licensure Requirements (34 hrs)

  • CI 55051: Elementary PE Methods (3 hours)
  • CI 55053: Elementary PE Content (3 hours)
  • CI 55058: Secondary PE Methods (3 hours)
  • CI 55059: Secondary PE Content (3 hours)
  • CI 65025: Contemporary Issues in Sport Pedagogy (online) (3 hours)
  • CI 65037: Adapted Physical Education (online) (3 hours)
  • CI 65055: Curriculum Development in Sport Pedagogy (online) (3 hours)
  • CI 65392: Advanced Practicum in PE (Student Teaching &Seminar) (10 hours)
  • CI 67330: Reading in Content Areas (3 hours)