Minor in Athletic Coaching

The "National Standards for Athletic Coaches," published by the National Association for Sport and Physical Education (NASPE), serves as the guiding basis for the proposed program of study. NASPE identifies coaching competencies organized into "standards," which are placed within 8 domains. These domains are:

  • Philosophy and Ethics
  • Safety and Injury Prevention
  • Physical Conditioning
  • Growth and Development
  • Teaching and Communication
  • Sport Skills and Tactics
  • Organization & Administration
  • Evaluation

Courses and experiences representing each of the eight NASPE Coaching Standards domains have been identified. An internship completes the minor as a capstone experience. Students must also get American Red Cross First Aid and CPR certification to successfully complete the minor.

Internship and Individual Investigation form (PDF)

Program Requirements for Athletic Coaching Minor (25 credits)

PEP 35020: Fitness Education (3 credits)
PEP 35084: Motor Skill Analysis (3 credits)
PEP 45015: Psychology of Coaching (3 credits)
PEP 45020: Contemporary Athletic Coaching (3 credits)
SPAD 45021: Organization and Administration of Athletics (3 credits)

Choose one from the following (3 credits total):
PEP 25033: Lifespan Motor Development (3 credits)
PEP 35010: Psychological Dimensions of Motor Behavior (3 credits)

Choose two from the following (4 credits total):
PEP 35040: Coaching Football (2 credits)
PEP 35041; Coaching Soccer (2 credits)
PEP 35042: Coaching Volleyball (2 credits)
PEP 35044: Coaching Basketball (2 credits)
PEP 35048: Coaching Baseball and Softball (2 credits)
PEP 35049: Coaching Track and Field (2 credits)

PEP 45692: Internship in Athletic Coaching (3 credits)

Total: 25 credits