Transition Endorsement(TTW)

The Kent State Transition to work endorsement leads to a qualification applicable to all former transition roles such as Work Study Coordinator, Vocational Special Education Coordinator, Job Training Coordinator or Career Assessment Specialist. This endorsement is based on the DCDT competencies and is typically added to existing intervention specialist's licenses. This program prepares graduate students to support youth with disabilities in their transition planning and services. Applicants may obtain a masters degree in special education or some other individualized program in conjunction with completing the transition endorsement requirements.

Special Education Licensure Courses (not on the web)

SPED 63200 Introduction to Exceptionalities or SPED 63201 3
SPED 53010 Family and Professional Collaboration 3
SPED 53030 Classroom and Behavior Management I 3
SPED 53050 Characteristics of Students with Mild/Moderate Intervention Needs 3
SPED 53051 Characteristics of Students with Moderate/Intensive Intervention Needs 3

If the applicant is licensed as an Intervention Specialist, only the following courses must be taken. Previous coursework from other universities may be transferred toward the TTW, if they are equivalent.

Transition Endorsement Courses (in order that they are generally taken)

SPED 53070 Planning and Programming for Transition 3
RHAB 67732 Occupational Aspects of Disability 3
CTTE 66001 Principles and Practices in Vocational Education 3
CTTE 56019 Coordination in Vocational Cooperative Education Programs 3
SPED 54161 Transition Programs and Services 3
SPED 63992 Advanced Practicum SPED: Transition 3