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I want you to be a mentor with Career and community studies



What is the Career and Community Studies program?

The Career and Community Studies program (CCS) is a 4-year college transition program for students with intellectual and other disabilities. The focus of the program is helping students reach their full potential and independence through college. Students take college courses that relate to their interests and specific courses from CCS Mondays through Thursdays.

What is a mentor?

A Kent State student with keen observation skills, a great attitude, enjoys people and a desire to learn.  Mentors help and observe students in the CCS and KSU courses. They help teach students to navigate campus and help students problem solve. Teaching experience is not required and all majors are welcome. Mentors work around their course schedules. There are weekly meetings where CCS faculty provides feedback to mentors that will better prepare them for careers. This a volunteer position with the potential to be turned into a paid on campus job

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Quotes From Mentors: 

"It has helped me be more responsible and learn how to teach independent living skills. Watching college-aged students with intellectual disabilities helps me to know the skills I need to teach in the secondary schools." ~ Danielle 

"I get to see growth of CCS students, and to watch the different dynamics in various environments." ~ Caitlin 

"I love being part of CCS! It is helping me to gain experience in my major." ~ Nicole 

"I get to teach and witness the effect of the different positive relationships I can build with my students." ~ Luke 

Questions about how to get started? Email ccs@kent.edu