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Initial Licensure

The Initial Licensure programs are for those who do not hold a standard Ohio teaching license.   

Kent State University's College of Education, Health and Human Services offers both undergraduate level and graduate level programs for those seeking initial teacher licensure.

I HAVE NOT completed a bachelor's degree program in any field - one option

If you do not have a bachelor's degree then you will complete the approved bachelor's degree program for your chosen licensure area.  See the list of Bachelor's Degree programs leading to initial licensure listed below.
To apply to the Bachelor's degree program please go to Undergraduate Admissions.

I HAVE completed a bachelor's degree program - two options

If you already have a bachelor's degree, regardless of the major, we have two options for earning initial teaching license.
Option 1 - Complete an approved graduate program (preferred route)
The following master's degree, initial licensure programs have required prerequisite content coursework and therefore your previous coursework must be reviewed prior to applying.  For those interested in the following programs you can request an evaluation of your previous coursework by clicking the Content Evaluation button.
List of master's degree programs leading to initial licensure:
The dual degree Master of Education / Master of Library and Information Science for K-12 School Library Media Licensure leads to a multi-age initial licensure in school library media. This program is offered in cooperation with the College of Communication and Information and prepares students to work in all types of libraries, including school libraries. The program of study includes professional educational requirements, along with library sciences and instructional technology courses.
Master of Arts in Teaching – For grades 7-12 and some multi-age licensures
Art Education (Visual Arts) (preK-12)
Chemistry/Physics(Physical Science)
Earth Science
English/Language Arts (Integrated Language Arts) (7-12)
Foreign Language (French, German, Latin, Spanish) (preK-12)
Integrated Mathematics (7-12)
Integrated Science (7-12)
Integrated Social Studies(7-12)
Life Science (7-12)
Life Science/Chemistry (7-12)
Music Education (preK-12)
School Health Education (preK-12)
Physical Science

Option 2 - Earn a second bachelor's degree - Complete the approved undergraduate, bachelor's degree program for your chosen licensure area.  You will apply to be a Post-Undergraduate, Degree Seeking


List of bachelor's degree programs leading to initial licensure:
American Sign Language/English Interpreting (non-teaching licensure for interpreters interested in working in school settings)
Art Education (preK-12)
Music Education (pre K-12)
           Deaf Education (pre K-12)