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Post Bac Licensure

For students who already have a Bachelor's degree, there are two ways to earn licensure at Kent State University.

  1. Complete the initial licensure program as a Post-Undergraduate student (earn a second bachelors degree).  For this option, students complete their content and professional education courses at the undergraduate level,  OR
  2. Recommended route - complete the initial licensure program at the graduate level.  At the graduate level we have either the Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) program or a Masters in Education (M.Ed.) program depending on the licensure area.  Students usually complete the content course work as a Post-Undergraduate first (based on their individual content evaluation) and then complete the MAT or the M.Ed. 

If you are interested earning initial licensure, please contact Erin Harwood at for a content evaluation.

Additional information about each licensure area can be found at the program websites linked from