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Acirema Workshop Simulates Life as an International Student

Kent State faculty and staff invited to participate in workshop

Have you ever wondered what living and studying in the U.S. is like for international students? What obstacles and challenges do these students face in their efforts to gain an education in the United States? And why do they sometimes behave “differently” from domestic students?

If your answer to the questions above is "yes," then you should consider participating in this year's Acirema workshop. The faculty and staff workshop will take place on Friday, Nov. 20, from 9-11:30 a.m. in the Governance Chambers at the Kent Student Center.

The Acirema Workshop is a simulation exercise designed to sensitize participants to the difficulties that international students encounter in their quest for a U.S. education. It acquaints the participants with the procedures and obstacles students must follow from the initial contact with a U.S. educational institution to their arrival on campus and even issues that students face after arriving. A facilitated discussion takes place after the simulation to address the specific issues at stake.

During this workshop, participants would become citizens of Acirema trying to pursue an education at Kent State University in the United States of America. There would be tables set up to represent the offices that you would need to contact during your immigration process to attain all the necessary documents needed before their arrival at Kent State.

This workshop is a fun way to gain some knowledge about what international students experience, in addition to being able to identify emotionally with international students.

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