Distinguished Teachers to Present Dialogue With Scholars at Teaching Conference

Kent Student Center

As part of the revamped format for the Celebrating College Teaching conference, Dialogue With Scholars will move to Friday, Oct.  20, at 10:45 a.m. Award-winning professors Jerry M. Lewis and Lisa Waite will discuss the topic of introducing humor in the classroom as a pedagogical strategy. They believe humor creates an inclusive, engaged classroom that can provide an avenue for forging relationships that encourage students to challenge their own beliefs and those of others.

In their interactive dialogue titled “To Pun or Not to Pun: That Is the Question,” Lewis, Professor Emeritus of Sociology, and Waite, senior lecturer in the School of Communication Studies, will share their insights and experiences to challenge participants to think critically about using humor in their own pedagogy. This helps develop strong relationships that free students to engage actively in their learning.  

The annual, all-day Celebrating College Teaching conference is sponsored by the University Teaching Council each fall to recognize and celebrate the wealth of teaching excellence at Kent State University. The conference is free to all who support teaching at Kent State. Faculty are encouraged to plan their course syllabus accordingly so they can attend.

Find more information about the Celebrating College Teaching conference here, or email conference chair Kimberly S. Peer at kpeer@kent.edu