Kent State’s Downtown Gallery Presents {skin}-D.E.E.P. and VERSUS 0.02 [gridiron]

The Kent State University School of Art Downtown Gallery, located at 141 E. Main St. in downtown Kent, will present {skin}-D.E.E.P. and VERSUS 0.02 [gridiron].” The exhibit will run from Sept. 1-24. There will be a reception on Sept. 1 from 5-7 p.m. Both the exhibit and the reception are free and open to the public.

{skin}-D.E.E.P. – Digital Ephemeral Epidermal Patterns
Temporary biomimetic skin patterns via wearable 3-D printed exoskeletons – 2014-2015

{skin} D.E.E.P. The work aims to mimic the patterns and textures of snakeskin via ephemeral impressions onto human skin, applying the exoskeletal jewelry on humans’ extremities – the arm, the leg and the neck. The properties of snakeskin demonstrate a transition from a hard outside to a soft inside, a principal that we try to mimic in our approach, by using a hard shell for the application of the pattern. Taking inspiration from shedding snakeskin, we shed the outer layer by removing the superficial prosthesis. The epidermis retains the negative imprint of the prosthesis, mimicking the look of serpent skin. The dermis re-establishes the smooth form of the human skin as it heals itself within the hour, erasing the ephemeral imprint, symbolically representing rebirth and renewal. Investigating the ephemeral nature of textured patterns on human skin will not by any means provide a solution to an engineering problem, but it will offer a larger philosophical basis for a discussion about the possibilities of blending nature via biomimicry.

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VERSUS 0.02 [gridiron] 2015-present

VERSUS 0.02 [gridiron] artistically interprets the game data of the 60-minute football game into 3-D printed depictions that visually condense the game into a single frame. The sculptures analyze the game play by play and visualize the distance the ball traveled regardless of type of play. The creators' 3-D software then builds arcs based on the distance the ball travels. In order to keep the flow of the game recognizable, the teams are assigned a side. Penalties are factored into the beginning of the play. Touchbacks are registered two yards behind the goal line, touchdowns five yards, extra points 20 yards, field goals 15 yards and safeties nine yards. If a ball is brought out from the end zone, it registers at the 0 yard line of the respective team. In order to keep the flow of the game recognizable, the teams are assigned a side and remain on that side. The kickoff team can be identified by the kickoff arch. Plays are numerically advanced from the front to the back.

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This exhibition was funded in part by the Ohio Arts Council.

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