Kent State Faculty and Staff Invited to Participate in Plant Exchange

Heer Hall

Kent State University's Division of Human Resources is inviting faculty and staff to share the bounty of their perennial gardens through the Kent State Plant Exchange.

Participants dig up perennials (the plants and flowers that come back every year) that may be overgrowing and share them with others. Flower bulbs, veggie and flower seedlings and house plants also can be shared. Those who do not have plants to share but would like to get started with gardening can still participate.

Faculty and staff members interested in taking part in the plant exchange should send an email to Participants will be sent a link to a Google Doc, where they will list any plants they have to exchange and select the plants they would like to claim from the lists posted by others.

The exchange will take place outside of Heer Hall on Thursday, May 18.

The plant exchange is open to all faculty and staff at Kent State who sign up ahead of time for plants via the Google Doc. 

The plant exchange is free of charge, and all participants in the Kent State Plant Exchange will be entered into a drawing for a hanging basket.

For more information or to participate, email or by May 12