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Supply Chain Executive to Speak at Kent State’s Global Management Center Speaker Series

Denis Wolowiecki, innovative supply chain executive at Husqvarna Group, will be presenting “Project Management – a Critical Skill for Your Career” at the Kent State University College of Business Administration’s Global Management Speaker Series on March 30.

“Project management is an overlooked area of knowledge and study,” Wolowiecki says. “Very few people get certified in it, but you don't need to be certified to have a few basic and impactful skills. This is something that can really help you differentiate yourself in your career – it’s a universal skill. It allows you to set priorities, define goals, manage budgets and plan your resources in order to reach successful outcomes.”

Wolowiecki received his MBA in international business in 1994 from Kent State’s College of Business Administration. He is currently the vice president of global purchasing at Husqvarna Group in Charlotte, North Carolina. He leads a global supply chain team for direct materials for Husqvarna Group’s outdoor power equipment brands and devises beneficial supply chain solutions to drive down costs for suppliers at Husqvarna.

“I want to share something from my experience,” Wolowiecki says. “One of the benefits that I enjoyed during my years of study was the opportunity to hear experienced industry professionals who came in to speak with us on various topics. It helped to blend the ‘real world’ with my classroom study. I always enjoyed those opportunities to learn from others and now, I would like to give back.”

Prior to Husqvarna Group, Wolowiecki worked at Aleris International as vice president of global procurement, where he successfully launched a transformation program in Europe.

Wolowiecki earned his bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering from Ohio Northern University and a certificate of international management at the Thunderbird School of Global Management in Glendale, Arizona.

Some of his favorite memories at Kent State include working in the College of Business Administration computer operation center in the networking lab. He spent the summer running coaxial cables through the dropped ceiling and learned how to troubleshoot the large routers that kept the building connected.

“I enjoyed the learning experience and keeping the business network running,” he says. “It was satisfying to play a role in the operations of the college.”

Wolowiecki advises currents students to actively engage in business networking and maintain relationships at all levels.

“It is critical for success,” he says. “It is said so often and yet people don’t pay enough attention to their professional networks. It is vitally important to meet people and establish relationships outside the classroom.”

Wolowiecki also encourages students to pursue meaningful experiences in all facets of their lives, including pursuing summer jobs and internships to build expertise, engaging in volunteer and community service work, gaining leadership experience, exploring outside their major and being passionate about what they do.

The Global Management Center at Kent State strives to advance international business education opportunities, advance global research through industry partnerships and provide an international stage for students, faculty and the public to learn as well as engage in best global business practices.

The presentation will start at 7 p.m. and will be held at the Kent State University Hotel and Conference Center. The event is free and open to the public. Limited seating is available; register today at

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