Creative Majors Series Helps Arts Students Think Like Entrepreneurs

Throughout the Spring 2016 Semester, LaunchNET Kent State and Kent State University’s College of the Arts have teamed up to produce events relevant to arts majors who are interested in learning more about ways to strengthen their career prospects.

Whether it is bringing in successful artistic entrepreneurs who have created careers based on their creative skills or helping students learn how to compose appropriate résumés and cover letters for creative jobs, the events are designed to bring a creative edge to what might be seen as business-type skills.

“We wanted to reach out specifically to the students in the arts and other creative disciplines,” says Tabitha Martin, an advisor at LaunchNET Kent State. “As a professional with a more creative background myself, I know that it can be difficult for students immersed in their art to get the resources and information that may enable them to make a living with their art, whether it’s in a job or in a more entrepreneurial way.

"Many artists don’t initially think of themselves as entrepreneurs, but they are," Martin adds. "It can be a struggle to learn about the ‘business end’ of selling your wares or skills, and by partnering with the College of the Arts, we are able to show that LaunchNET is a resource for helping them feel more comfortable with those skills.”

The series kicked off in February with a “Creative Résumés” workshop, led by the Fashion School’s industry liaison, Hillary Stone, who helped students from a variety of majors understand how to approach writing an effective résumé and what employers are looking for. The idea for this first event was inspired by (and the series co-created with) LaunchNET student fellow Zaria Ware, a junior fashion merchandising major, who knows firsthand that this is an area where many creative-major students can use help.

There are two upcoming events in the series:

  • April 12, a “Creative Cover Letters” workshop, in partnership with Kent State’s Career Services Center and Stone is back by popular demand.
  • April 20, a “Creative Professional Attire” workshop, where students can learn more about appropriate dressing for creative professional environments.

Students who are interested in learning more about starting a business using their creative talents, selling their creations or freelancing with their skills, can contact LaunchNET Kent State at

POSTED: Thursday, April 07, 2016 03:23 PM
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