Employee Health Coaching: Sessions Available to Support Wellness Goals

Health coaching is provided by Be Well Solutions as part of Kent State University’s employee wellness program for all full-time, benefits-eligible employees on all campuses. Health coaching appointments are individualized, 30-minute sessions with a certified health coach with expertise in a variety of areas, including exercise, nutrition, diabetes management, stress management, tobacco cessation and general health. Appointments are available face-to-face or telephonically to suit all schedules and are unlimited.

The next on-site health coaching dates are Wednesday, Nov. 7, and Tuesday, Nov. 20. All on-site sessions take place in Room 103 at Heer Hall in the Employee Wellness Room. To schedule a coaching session, employees should:

1. Log in to the personal Health Portal at portal.bewelldata.com. Those who have not yet set up a Be Well account will find instructions for first-time login here

2. Under My Appointments, select Worksite Coaching. Choose a date and time. Spaces are limited.

If on-site visits don't fit with your schedule, we have a solution for that. Sign up for telephonic coaching and get started immediately.

Sign Up for Telephonic Coaching

For employees who may find it difficult to find time for an on-site health coaching visit, unlimited, telephonic health coaching is available Monday through Friday, year-round. To take advantage of this offer to work on individual health goals, employees can log in to Be Well at portal.bewelldata.com and select "My Appointments" and "Telephonic Coaching." There, the first session can be scheduled.

Each health coaching session is worth 10 Wellness Your Way incentive points toward the Tier 2 total for individuals participating in the Wellness Your Way incentive program.

Note: On-site health coaching appointments open at the beginning of each month for the following month. If it becomes necessary to cancel after securing an appointment, please notify Be Well immediately at 1-888-935-7378.

For more information or assistance with registration or coaching, please contact Be Well Solutions directly at 1-888-935-7378.

POSTED: Thursday, October 18, 2018 11:52 AM
UPDATED: Monday, March 04, 2024 07:32 PM