Energy Conservation Reminder

We all know the importance of conserving energy in the workplace, but there are certain days when energy conservation efforts can have a significant impact on energy costs. Frank Renovich, Kent State’s associate director of energy operations, says there are 10 to 15 days a year designated by the utility companies as “peak load days.” These days correspond to times when electricity consumption is at a peak on the electric grid. The dates and times can occur anytime, but often take place during hot afternoons or early evenings between June and September.

Any load reductions that the university can achieve during a peak load day can help offset future energy costs. While Kent State usually receives advance notice of a possible peak load day, it is often short notice (24 hours or less). Renovich’s team will begin informing building curators when a peak load day is occurring. On those days, Kent State faculty, staff and students are asked to make a special effort to turn off any lights, equipment, appliances, computers, etc. that are not in use.

Questions should be directed to Renovich at 330-672-0775 or

Tips for conserving energy can be found at and


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