Job Description Website Undergoing Updates

In collaboration with the Division of Information Services, the Human Resources Compensation team is completing a project to update the university’s job description website. The Human Resources and Information Services project team completed development on this project in less than two months, using the Agile project methodology.

The new website application has incorporated several new features for departments, individual employees and other casual users of the website. These features include:

  • Each job description will display its pay grade and pay range.
  • Summary job information to provide additional details.
  • Enhanced search and filter capabilities.
  • Ability to view job descriptions on a mobile device.

When creating a draft job description using the website application, users have the ability to:

  • Add and change job description content
  • Link comments to the job description content for reviewers 
  • Track the most current draft version
  • View edits/changes made to the draft from the prior published version

The Division of Human Resources expects the new site to go live in late August. Employees who are typically involved in the job description process will have the opportunity to attend open lab sessions in August. Please look for upcoming announcements.

If you have any questions, contact Vanessa Vesely, manager for compensation, at 330-672-8325.