Kaltura to Become Kent State’s Online Video Platform Solution

Kent State University’s Division of Information Services introduces Kaltura, ​a video application designed with a wide range of powerful tools and features, making it the optimal classroom tool.

Kaltura’​s in-depth features and seamless integration with Blackboard Learn will benefit both faculty and students alike. The application is Cloud-based – meaning that it stores and presents video files on the internet – resulting in better performance and stability. K​altura​ uses extensive distribution features, such as channels and playlists, allowing faculty to easily organize and share content for more specific audiences. K​altura also uses a module called CaptureSpace,​which allows users to record audio, video, web camera footage and screen captures with ease. Recording functions can be combined in many ways, including using multiple cameras and split screens, simplifying the process of producing videos.

A committee of university representatives from Information Services, the College of Communication and Information, College of Business Administration, Office of Continuing and Distance Education, Student Accessibility Services, University Libraries and others were tasked with the selection process. K​SUtube​was originally designed and built in house by Information Services, but does not have the advanced capabilities of K​altura. The addition of a keyword search, simple editing and consistent availability of support make Kaltura an application that can grow with Kent State.

Kaltura​ is officially being rolled out in the fall, with some video migrations from K​SUtube already underway. K​SUtube ​users who wish to have their videos transferred early can do so by emailing a request to etsupport@kent.edu or by submitting a support request ticket at http://support.kent.edu.

Sixty-seven faculty and staff have already opted in to K​altura, had their videos transferred and are successfully using the new system. 

The Educational Technology group within Information Services will continue to transfer video content throughout the summer and into fall. All existing K​SUtube ​video links will automatically be redirected to K​altura​ with no action required by the video owner.

The new K​altura​ platform can be accessed at http://v​ideo.kent.edu ​and within Blackboard Learn. Kaltura ​training is available as part of the E​T Apps​ workshop. View the workshop schedule at http://training.kent.edu. Self­-service tutorials also are available at http://v​ideo.kent.edu.

For assistance, contact e​tsupport@kent.edu.​

POSTED: Thursday, July 28, 2016 04:30 PM
UPDATED: Monday, April 22, 2024 06:07 AM
Andrew Piggott

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