Kent State Ashtabula Honored With Live United Award by Local United Way

For its continued support of the organization’s cause and dedication to improving the quality of life in the region, Kent State University at Ashtabula was presented with the Live United Award by the United Way of Ashtabula County at its annual volunteer breakfast and awards ceremony on March 31.

“Our community is immeasurably better because of Kent State Ashtabula,” says United Way board member Mary Pepperney who presented the award to Kent State Ashtabula Dean Susan Stocker, Ph.D. “Each year, our local campus educates hundreds of people to prepare for their chosen careers, to expand their worldview and to become valuable, committed members of society.”

The faculty and staff of Kent State Ashtabula conduct an enthusiastic employee campaign to raise funds for services through the United Way. Kent State Ashtabula also offers classrooms, meeting spaces and training facilities for United Way to use throughout the year, accommodating them to serve their partner organizations and clients.

“The value and impact of this campus goes far beyond its primary mission of education,” Pepperney adds. “Under the leadership of Dean Stocker, Kent State Ashtabula supports the United Way of Ashtabula County in a variety of ways. Because of the time and opportunity provided by our local Kent State campus, United Way has been able to communicate with our community agencies and respond to their numerous requests. Once again, Kent State Ashtabula enriches our community.”

To date, the United Way’s 2015-16 campaign has raised more than $728,000 toward its stated mission of improving Ashtabula County “one person and one family at a time.”

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